NEWS10 February 2011

Major charities back development of new online panel


UK— Major charities Barnardo’s, Cancer Research UK and WWF are partnering with Clear Stream Research on the development of an online panel which has pledged to raise at least £90,000 a year for the organisations.

Clear Stream has committed to donate 50% of all revenue booked against the panel to the charities, and managing director James Clutterbuck (pictured) has set a target of raising £150,000 in the first year.

At worse, he says, childrens charity Barnado’s will get £10,000, Cancer Research UK £50,000 and the conservation body WWF £30,000 – sums the firm is obliged to donate even if the panel doesn’t pay its way.

But Clutterbuck is convinced the panel will meet its goals with at least 50,000 signed-up members. Recruitment gets under way later this month with the WWF mailing 300,000 of its supporters. Barnardo’s will follow in March with 250,000 virtual flyers while Cancer Research has said it will promote the scheme to upwards of 700,000 in April.

Each charity gets its own dedicated page on the Research The Planet website so members can be kept informed of the latest news from the organisations.

Clutterbuck is aiming to have at least 100,000 panellists on board within the first six months. Clear Stream, which offers a range of field and tab services, intends to sell the online sample to its research agency clients.