NEWS11 December 2009

MacroSolve serves up iPhone app for restaurant feedback

North America Technology

US— Mobile technology firm MacroSolve has developed an iPhone app for restaurants to gather feedback and gain insight from their customers.

The DineInsight tool allows restaurants to build and manage their own apps that provide information on menus and promotions as well as giving diners a platform to leave feedback and comments.

One of the first restaurants to develop its own app was Oklahoma-based Gaetano’s Pizzeria and Creamery, whose founder Doug Mitch said: “We are super excited to provide this innovative mobile app to our customers. It will help us reach them in a new and unique way, giving them access to special offers and promotions. We pride ourselves on our service and quality food and feel that by launching our own branded mobile app we are at the forefront of customer service and relations in the restaurant industry.”

MacroSolve said that the app, which is powered by technology provided by ReForm XT, will be developed for other industries in the future.