NEWS24 November 2021

Lumen partners with On Device Research

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UK – Attention technology company Lumen and market research business On Device Research have partnered on a quantitative measurement tool for digital advertising.

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‘Attention Brand Impact’ will provide a quantitative measurement of an advertisement’s brand effectiveness using data on consumers’ attention to digital advertising.

The tool combines On Device Research’s measurement technology with Lumen’s work on attention measurement. Attention Brand Impact will allow agencies and marketers to examine advertising consumption and inform decision-making while campaigns are live.

Lumen’s ‘Lamp’ tag is used by the tool to provide attention predictions with data from Lumen’s eye tracking panels for desktop and mobile.

The data is then turned into a predictive model of attention that estimates how likely advertisements are to retain viewers, which can be combine with On Device Research studies on the relationship between attention and product recall.

Panels are then used to measure impact on the advertising brand through a brand impact survey, and an attention score is produced.

Mike Follett, managing director at Lumen, said: “This is a major step forward for the attention economy. Up until now we’ve been able to link attention to cost and performance outcomes. Now, thanks to our partnership with On Device, advertisers will be able to understand the brand value of the attention their ads are generating.”

Alistair Hill, chief executive and co-founder at On Device Research, said: “What is so exciting is how this solution can be deployed to help organisations to make informed decisions, to potentially save millions on their campaign planning and execution.

“In a fragmented media landscape, where gaining attention is harder than ever before, the need to rapidly measure the performance of campaigns has never been more important.”