NEWS13 February 2020

Lucid launches partner programme

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US – Programmatic sample platform Lucid has launched a global partner programme for supply technology partners as it looks to expand its access to survey respondents.

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The partners, including Vetri, Madai, Qmee, Fuel Cycle and Ingress, provide technology tools for online communities who don’t have access to Lucid’s Marketplace through its existing products.

Through the partnerships, Lucid’s buyers will gain access to survey respondents that were previously unavailable on the Marketplace, and online communities will be able to access ‘new revenue streams and technology innovation’, according to Lucid.

To qualify for the programme, partners must agree to annual client volume requirements and confirm they comply with Lucid’s tech, security and quality protocols.

Rick Rodgers, chief operating officer at Lucid, said: “Lucid now has solutions for anyone wishing to monetise any type of audience. By partnering with companies familiar with those verticals, our supply technology partners will add many new pools of respondents to the Lucid Marketplace.”