NEWS1 August 2012

L'Oréal USA turns to text analytics for Voice of Beauty

Data analytics North America

US— L’Oréal USA has chosen Clarabridge to manage and analyse its social media data to gain insight into what customers are thinking and feeling.

The cosmetic giant says it will use sentiment and text analytics in a major customer experience management (CEM) programme, known as “The Voice of Beauty”.

The company is working with Clarabridge to monitor what is being said in real time about its 24 brands across social media outlets, including website reviews, product reviews, blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Via the sentiment and text analytics system, L’Oréal USA says it hopes to be able to automatically route consumer insight to the right people and more effectively engage with its consumers.

Clarabridge will collect, cleanse, classify and understand the sentiment of customer feedback posts. Comments flagged for review will be routed in to L’Oréal USA’s “Voice of Beauty” hub, where the appropriate team member will then interact directly with the customer. The data will be organised by L’Oréal USA’s own analysts, so the brand’s in-house team has full ownership of how the data is cleansed and monitored.

“Social media is all about real time, so we need to react in real time when it comes to customer engagement,” says Céline Dumais, VP of consumer affairs, L’Oréal USA. “We expect to see significant ROI through our ‘Voice of Beauty’ mission and, most importantly, we expect to continuously improve our relationship with our customers – something you can’t put a price on.”