NEWS23 February 2015

LinkedIn launches ad network

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US — Professional social networking site LinkedIn has announced it is partnering with AppNexus to launch a global display advertising network to deliver ads based on both its data and a network of 2500 other B2B sites.

LinkedIn bought B2B marketing platform Bizo last year and has now integrated the technology into its site.

One of its products, LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, will allows brands to place a pixel on their websites, which uses cookies to identify LinkedIn users so advertisers can get a better understanding as to the types of people visiting.

Anonymised data will allow advertisers to re-target those visitors with customised ads.

Advertisers will have to sign up to use the products on a quarterly, or annual subscription basis and have a minimum of 20,000 visitors to their website.

Josh Graff, LinkedIn’s EMEA senior director, said in an interview with Business Insider: “We see the global B2B advertising opportunity as a $50 billion market. At its core, we are changing the way B2B marketing operates today.”