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NEWS15 January 2013

LinkedIn and TNS scrutinise talent brand ambassadors

New business North America

US — LinkedIn and TNS Employee Insights have undertaken a major collaborative research study focused aroud identifying trends in talent brand ambassadorship.

TNS has surveyed almost 17,000 employees from its global normative database to undertake statistical data and research analysis to see what they think are the best ways to build their professional talent brands and the impact that brand ambassadors have on corporate images.

It found that the rise of social media and mobile technology, means companies must reconsider how to control the brand image in the public’s eye, through proper training and increasing the engagement of employees can increase talent brand ambassadorship.

“Potential business partners, clients and customers are turning to social networks to learn about brands,” says Mike Schroeder, CEO of TNS Employee Insights (pictured). “A company’s brand reputation, whether employer or corporate, is a direct reflection of the culture and values of a company. The best way to increase awareness is through your employees.”