NEWS27 September 2016

Lightspeed tool gives instant survey satisfaction feedback

Mobile News North America

US – Data collection company Lightspeed has announced Survey Health Score (SHS) to capture panellists’ feedback and post-survey satisfaction levels in real-time. 

Eighty per cent of its panellists give engagement feedback immediately and the SHS dashboard can analyse allows Lightspeed to consult with clients to better understand and respond to data quality concerns resulting from legacy survey design practices.

Lightspeed panellists are given two single-choice questions to assess their enjoyment of the survey. Combining these results with the survey drop-out-rate, and a set of algorithms and variables calculates a questionnaire’s SHS.

Daniel S. Fitzgerald, chief client and marketing officer at Lightspeed, said: “With the SHS assessment dashboard, we can further help our clients identify survey design problem areas and implement steps for improvement.”

Throughout the beta-testing period over the past 10 months, Lightspeed respondents rated more than 15 million surveys to capture user feedback on engagement and satisfaction levels. The company said it used these results to further optimise survey and its own designed and scripted surveys satisfaction scores improved quarter over quarter, with the highest levels of improvement in mobile surveys.