NEWS20 January 2010

Latitude Insights plans iPhone community research test

Asia Pacific Trends

AUSTRALIA— Online research community builder Latitude Insights is planning a test community of iPhone users to see how the smartphones can be used for community-based research purposes.

Research director Kylie Chong said in a blog post: “Given that, according to Morgan Stanley, the iPhone/iPod Touch has been adopted faster than any other consumer technology device in history, the research industry can’t afford to ignore smartphones when it comes to engaging people in text-based conversations.”

Chong said that Facebook is the world’s most downloaded free app and that if people were using their mobile devices to connect and talk to each other on social networks, there is an opportunity for researchers to connect with them too.

She said: “Time will tell…but there’s a clear need for researchers to be able to keep up with our clients who are developing branded applications as another way to reach their customers. It’s about going to where the people are, not bringing them to us for sandwiches and a chat around a table.”