NEWS29 August 2017 releases consumer insights tool

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UK – Online travel company group has launched Travel Insights, a tool to help both travel and other sector brands target customers with surveys within on- and off-site ad formats.

Its first customer insight capabilities in Europe will be operated by group’s media business, The Travel People, and will use the group’s first-party data along with partnerships for other key third-party data.

Travel Insights is fully compliant with the Market Research Society’s code of conduct and group is now an MRS Company Partner.

The gamified surveys will be hosted in standard IAB formats, and will use the group’s first-party data and its programmatic ad stack to identify audiences and serve questions to them. Consumers who complete the surveys will be entered into prize draws, incentivising customers to share their views with brand partners.

Alessandra Di Lorenzo, chief commercial officer – media and partnerships at group, said: “Since launching The Travel People last summer, we’ve been working hard to add new capabilities that can support a range of activities for our customers. Our 43 million users across Europe means we have a wealth of consumer insight, so why not help our brand partners make the most of this first-party data and get to know their customers better?”

Travel Insights ad surveys can be customised, and in-house data analysts will interpret the data to provide clients with insights.

Di Lorenzo added: “Integrating our ad technology into the product means we can scale it quickly and cost-efficiently, while our in-house trading team allows us to extend the surveys across the whole web. It’s hugely exciting to bring such an innovative product onto the market and transform the way research is carried out.”