NEWS1 August 2017

Large scale UK student mental health study launches

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UK – Twelve university student unions, representing more than 185,000 students, are taking part in a study into mental health, run by higher education research specialists Alterline. 

Supported by the National Union of Students, the study has five key aims: 

  • Scope the prevalence and range of mental health issues among the student population
  • Explore the impact of mental health issues on students’ lives, both personal and academic
  • Identify if there are institutional or personal factors that put some more at risk than others
  • Understand what support students are currently receiving and what’s missing
  • Inform further research and strategy

The study will consist of a large-scale quantitative survey across all participating unions, supported by qualitative work (personal diaries; one-to-one interviews and focus groups). 

“The issue of student mental health has become impossible to ignore, it’s a consistent theme in our work with higher education institutes and student unions.

“We want this new project to move the conversation from top-level awareness-raising towards a far deeper understanding of the issues involved from a student perspective, and to provide clear pointers for coordinated action.”