NEWS14 October 2013

Korea’s T Store links up with Flurry for Android app analytics

Asia Pacific Technology

KOREA — App analytics company Flurry has inked an agreement with SK Planet’s T Store – billed as Korea’s largest Android app market – to integrate Flurry’s analytics into the T Store developer centre.


Flurry says that after installing its free SDK in their apps, Flurry Analytics reports will appear in the developer centre site alongside app store download and revenue metrics. Reports include data on app acquisition, engagement and retention, in-app behaviour, revenues and crashes, among other things.

“South Korea is the most advanced and innovative mobile nation in the world, making it an exciting place for app developers to build a business,” said Jarah Euston, vice-president of analytics and marketing for Flurry.

A research report published today by the company reveals that as of August 2013, 85% of the devices owned in South Korea are also manufactured there. Also, 41% of all South Korean connected devices are phablets, compared to just 7% of all devices worldwide.