NEWS25 April 2012

Kiosk-based research firm launches in UK cinema


UK— Entertainment Works Inc (Eworks), a US firm that offers kiosk-based consumer research, has launched in the UK through a partnership with Sponsorship Science director Richard Dean and entrepreneur Benjamin Byrne.

Eworks has installed its first manned kiosk in a cinema in Kingston, London, where consumers can take part in polls, be recruited to panels, take online surveys and give feedback on films they have just seen. Biometrics measurement from Innerscope Research is also on offer.

Byrne said that the company was working with Ipsos on several projects and had “first refusal” on Innerscope’s technology, which is also used by Ipsos. After London, Byrne said the plan is to open up in Manchester and Birmingham.

Eworks was founded in the US in 1992 and now has manned kiosks in around 60 locations. In the fourth quarter this year the company is expecting to launch in France, Spain and Italy.