NEWS18 May 2016

Kinetic and Fuel join forces to link OOH to social media

Innovations Media News UK

UK — Kinetic Worldwide has partnered with Fuel Intelligence to launch the Social Amplification Score, linking social media activity to out of home (OOH) media spend. 

According to the announcement, the platform analyses social media data across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, tracking activity around OOH campaigns. It also evaluates the ‘opportunity to see’ on social with an analysis of posters’ followers. 

“People do talk about OOH campaigns, they do post the images, and we are now able to track across social networks where they do this, identifying which sites generate the most interaction,” said Paula Fernandez, Kinetic’s global head of data.

“Without giving away our ‘secret sauce,’ bypassing off-the-shelf social listening tools, plus advancements in custom audience tracking and social data access, makes it possible.”