NEWS21 December 2021

Kinesso introduces adtech platform

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US – Marketing intelligence company Kinesso has developed nine APIs for the live interface it unveiled last year, which is now named Kanvas.

Conceptual image of a data platform

The platform allows users to address various advertising and marketing technology challenges, including defining audiences, creating insights and running and optimising campaigns. The result of over two years of development, Kanvas is expected to achieve double-digit growth in 2022.

By plugging into existing Kinesso solutions, customising them, or building new adtech and martech solutions, this approach is said to “encourage innovation, while cutting costs and timescales.”

Kanvas provides brands and agencies with a number of tools, including access to development and innovation in one interface, allowing users to access untapped audiences, create campaign insights and analytics and use data to drive campaigns. The platform also features taxonomy standardisation to ensure accurate campaign measurement.

“By putting the power of Kinesso’s technology directly into the hands of agencies and brands, Kanvas helps businesses achieve results that are meaningful in a low-code and customisable way; the use cases are endless,” said Graham Wilkinson, executive vice-president of product innovation at Kinesso.

“Kanvas fuels innovation by being open, accessible and infinitely customisable and is built for advertisers by advertisers. I look forward to seeing the many ways the platform contributes to better marketing experiences for [both consumers] and businesses.”