NEWS26 June 2009

Kim Dedeker on online research quality

Kim Dedeker has had to look at the question of online research quality from every angle.

She was in charge of research at P&G until recently, has now come to the agency side in a new senior role with Kantar, and has played a central role in the Advertising Research Foundation’s industry initiatives.

Robert Bain met with Kim to get her take on how the industry is dealing with online quality.

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13 years ago

Hi, am a subscriber/ MRS member, missed this article when it originally appeared, how can I get hold of a copy/ access it online?

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13 years ago

Sorry, Edward – system gremlins stole the audio player. I've added a link to the file now so you can have a listen. You might also want to check out 'The standard bearers' and 'Moving the online quality debate forward' in the Related Articles sidebar.

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