NEWS10 October 2007

Kenya’s Steadman Group goes back to high school

Club to encourage students to use MR when they enter the business world

KENYA— The Steadman Group has launched eight high school clubs in Nairobi to help students understand market research and encourage its future use in the business world.

Senior executives are acting as club mentors, offering both technical and advisory support on research projects.

“Despite its importance, the understanding and use of research remains minimal in Africa,” the agency said in a statement.

“One of the key reasons for the very low usage of research in Africa is the potential users’ late exposure to this field.”

Research Club of Kenya is also supported by Coca Cola, Cadbury, Henkel, Marketing Africa and Sky World.

Author: Matthew Secker

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14 years ago

i loved doing research in school and the club introduced by the synovate made us aware of many things which we never knew, it is good and many schools should be involved..thanks to the synovate and lots of gratitude to Emily Gumba.

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13 years ago

The Research club has taught me one way of getting an opinion which is accurate and unbiased that is through proud to be a pioneer member of this great initiative and look forward to passing this to other upcoming individuals. Thank you Synovate group and thank you Ms. Margaret Ireri for your professional guidance.

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