NEWS30 April 2012

Kellogg's, AmEx sign up for ComScore Validated Campaign Essentials

New business North America

US— ComScore has won several new clients for its Validated Campaign Essentials (VCE) tool to measure online ad campaigns in Europe and Asia Pacific.

European client wins include Kellogg’s, Kimberly-Clark, Jaguar, Nivea, O2 and Procter & Gamble, while new Asia Pacific customers include American Express, Cebu Pacific Airways, Singapore Tourism, Sony and Unilever.

VCE measures whether internet users had a chance to see the digital ads that are served to their computers. Audience metrics delivered to advertisers include demographics, behavioural segments and reach and frequency.

Matt Pritchard, European digital manager at Kellogg’s, said the company had tripled its digital marketing spend over the past few years. “One of the key factors justifying this shift is the ability of online to measure every impression – from visibility to targeting effectiveness,” he said. “Our aim is to make sure media plans deliver the intended brand impact and VCE gives us the visibility we need to achieve this.”