NEWS17 October 2012

Kantar TGI launches consumer behaviour guide


UK— Kantar Media TGI, the firm’s syndicated consumer, media and marketing survey practice, has launched The Why Code, an initiative to provide insight into what drives consumer choices.

The new code, which has been developed over the past two years, tracks multiple stages of the consumer journey, from the conscious triggers in decision making to “fundamental subconscious values”.

Richard Poustie, head of Kantar TGI in the UK and Western Europe, said: “The media and marketing industries have never had so much behavioural data to hand. Vast quantities are produced every day, highlighting consumer actions.

“Whilst such data can quantify certain aspects of a campaign they cannot satisfactorily explain why a consumer acts in a certain way. The Why Code brings what marketers have sought for a long time, giving them the opportunity to genuinely influence the consumer decision process.”