NEWS20 February 2013

Kantar teams up with SecondSync for social TV data

Data analytics UK

UK — Audience measurer Kantar Media and social TV analytics company SecondSync have teamed up in a data-sharing arrangement.

SecondSync will provide Kantar with data on the social media conversations surrounding broadcast TV, while in return Kantar will provide it with analysis of the TV viewing data it collects on behalf of Barb.

Kantar Media Audiences CEO Richard Asquith said: “We are living in a world where the second screen and social data are playing a larger role in the TV ecosystem. Our partnership with SecondSync will allow clients to accelerate and begin to monetise that relationship”

The partnership follows Twitter’s recent purchase of Bluefin Labs and Nielson’s acquisition of SocialGuide. Each of these deals was made in the hope that they would lead to a better understanding of the interplay between broadcast television and social networks, and how the latter impacts on audience behaviour.