NEWS8 March 2011

Kantar Media launches RapidView profiling service

Data analytics North America

US— Kantar Media has launched RapidView, a new media planning tool that analyses TV audience profiles based on their shopping behaviour, brand loyalty and product usage.

Data comes from the firm’s DirecTView TV audience measurement service and is integrated with purchase behaviour data information from Kantar Shopcom. Kantar said that by marrying the two data sets together, clients are able to target custom audiences that “actually buy” a specific brand or product category.

Kantar’s DirectView service collects return path data from more than 100,000 US TV households while the Shopcom database contains information from 231 million consumers across 270 CPG, retail, travel, lodging and services categories.

The firm said that data sets from other sectors, such as the automotive category, would be added to the RapidView service in the coming months.

George Shababb, Kantar Media North America president, said: “RapidView represents return path data’s full potential in delivering new insights when integrated with other data sources and is indicative of how audience measurement is being re-defined.”