NEWS7 June 2023

Kantar launches Link+ for marketers

Media News UK

UK – Kantar has added advertising creative testing tool Link+ to its Kantar Marketplace platform.

Out of home advertising

The tool offers creative effectiveness metrics for marketers and is based on four core components: engagement, associations, short-term sales impact, and long-term brand equity contribution.

Users can also include six optional diagnostic elements including branding, executional response and persuasion, and optional neuroscience features of facial coding and intuitive associations.

It is initially available in around 30 countries, and can be used from the storyboarding stage to final ad formats including TV, digital video and display on social media and out-of-home.

Link+ was built using Kantar’s normative creative database and is part of the company’s set of AI-based tools for marketers, including LinkAI and BrandNow. 

Ted Prince, chief product officer, Kantar, said: "With the introduction of Link AI we brought creative testing within the reach of smaller production budgets. With Link+, we now deliver the flexibility that means all kinds of adverts, designed for any platform, can be consistently tested against the advertiser’s priorities."

Kantar won the 2022 innovation of the year award for its Link AI tool at the Research Live Awards.