NEWS16 May 2019

Kantar launches Kantar Profiles Network

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UK – Kantar has brought its global panels and sample offer together into a new respondent network, Kantar Profiles Network.

The network is launching with access to the LifePoints panel, run by Kantar Lightspeed (which has been renamed the Profiles division of Kantar).

It also includes access to respondents via data partnerships with 28 companies including Cint and Rakuten Insights.

It can be accessed through a new proprietary platform, OnePlatform. According to Kantar, this will allow marketers to connect Kantar’s customer profile data with other information sources, including their own first-party customer data.

Globally, the network has a reach of 88 million GDPR-compliant respondents, 45 million of which are double opt-in respondent profiles that have been built by adding behavioural data to panellist profiles. The network covers panels in 70 countries.

Caroline Frankum, chief executive of Kantar’s Profiles division, said: "Our new Kantar Profiles Network, together with the Kantar OnePlatform, provides clients with a single point of access to richer profiles at scale."

She added it would help clients to "develop unique and more addressable audiences".

The move to simplify its respondent profiles offer comes as parent company WPP continues to seek a buyer for a majority stake in Kantar. The company removed all of its sub-brands in March, bringing all businesses under the Kantar name.