NEWS15 November 2021

Kantar extends Turkey audience measurement contract

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EUROPE – Data, insights and consulting giant Kantar has been awarded a new contract for providing TV audience measurement in Turkey until at least 2027.

Screen shot of Kantar's website

Kantar has been responsible for delivering the official Turkish TV trading currency since 2012.

Kantar’s integrated technology, built to measure viewing across all screens, will be installed across the panel in Turkey. Kantar’s People Meter 7 will be installed in all homes and Kantar’s latest router meter, Focal Meter 2, will be installed into all broadband-enabled homes on the panel.

Focal Meter is connected to a household’s wifi and enables real-time, granular data reporting of all tagged viewing activity across the home network. Remaining homes will deploy Kantar’s Virtual Meter to measure viewing of online video channels.

TIAK general manager Dursun Güleryüz said: “Our board’s decision to continue our co-operation with Kantar until at least 2027 will, in parallel with the advancement in global measurement, enable us to enrich our measurement system. Within the new period our primary goal will be holistic measurement of broadcast content independent of device and the platform content.

“By adapting Kantar’s advanced technologies and applications in similar markets, we will ensure our market enjoys one of the most advanced measurement services in the world.”

Mesut Sakal, managing director of Kantar’s media division, added: “This announcement reflects Kantar’s ongoing commitment to the Turkish market and a significant leap forward in the market’s desire to measure all viewing. 

“The installation of our integrated solution will ensure we continue to deliver high quality, robust data for TIAK’s stakeholders, delivering a single, people-based measure of media consumption, performance and value.”