NEWS21 August 2017

Job satisfaction declines after 34

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UK – Job satisfaction peaks for UK workers between 25-34 years old, according to the first findings from Qualtrics’ employee satisfaction survey. 

Qualtrics Pulse is a quarterly survey measuring levels of employee engagement and job satisfaction according to gender, age, location, income and industry sector.

The key findings from the first survey are that engagement with business leaders, better recognition and career progression have the greatest positive impact on job satisfaction, while flexible working and pay are considered less important on a day-to-day basis. 

The findings also revealed that job satisfaction peaks for UK workers between 25-34 years old, with 69% of people in this age group saying they are satisfied. Job satisfaction subsequently declines beyond age 34.

In terms of regions, job satisfaction is reportedly highest in the north east of England, with 18% of employees in this region saying they are ‘extremely satisfied’ in their job. This compares with 11% in Scotland and Wales and 10% in the Midlands. 

Satisfaction levels are highest in the finance sector ( 74%) and travel & leisure industry ( 73%), compared with 68% in retail, 67% in manufacturing and 66% in the public sector. 

“In recent years we’ve seen organisations place more emphasis on their employee experience as a critical lever to help shape their customer, brand and product experiences," said Sarah Marrs, employee experience specialist. "We’ve also seen the techniques available to measure the employee experience evolve.

"Our Qualtrics Pulse provides a layer of data that many companies simply don’t have access to-- uncovering the real-life factors that really influence the behaviour, loyalty and performance of an employee.”