NEWS4 February 2013

ITV explores lives of TV-viewing public

Data analytics UK

UK — ITV has rolled out a new insight and planning tool designed to help media buyers and planners understand where TV fits into the lives of multi-screen and socially-networked consumers.

The planning tool feeds off data collected by Kantar Media and Work Research as part of ITV’s “biggest audience insight project to date”, ITV Lives.

Head of commercial research Glenn Gowen said: “We know that we can deliver big audiences, but we also know that these audiences are not the same, so we therefore have to understand their lives and what makes them different. For us it was important to have an overview of the entire TV viewing nation, not just ITV viewers, to make the study of value to everyone.”

The study groups people into four distinct types of ‘lives’ – social, connected, busy and traditional – arranged according to their use of social, mobile, on-demand and broadcast platforms. Within each group, ITV has also examined relationships towards advertising.

ITV Lives is online at