NEWS22 July 2013

‘It’s perfectly okay to blow your own trumpet’

Winning Best Place to Work last year has helped bring new clients and new staff to Flamingo, according to managing partners Anniki Sommerville and Ednyfed Tappy.


Why did you decide to enter the 2012 awards?
We’re really proud of the way in which Flamingo develops its staff and retains great talent. And we felt confident we had a compelling story to tell – one which clearly differentiated us from the competition. We also knew that winning this award would drive us forward and maintain a level of momentum around our people strategy. And it has. 

How did it feel to win your category?
It was a great feeling. There was a genuine sense of excitement across the company – gaining recognition for our unique culture and the way we grow and develop our people gave everyone a boost. It also gave us an incentive to keep on innovating. We haven’t grown complacent. We want to win again!

What has winning meant for the team?
There is a certain kudos to winning an award like the MRS Best Place To Work. It’s the kind of award that people tend to tell their friends and family about. The team felt proud to have won, and it initiated lots of fertile debate around where we could improve and where we could grow. We were keen to capitalise on our success.

When it comes to maintaing a strong culture we’ve always welcomed input from all levels and winning the award sparked up lots of new ideas. It also attracted new talent to Flamingo – candidates coming in for interviews mentioned the award as one of the key things that attracted them to the company. It set up positive expectations and demonstrated the Flamingo mindset in a concrete and tangible way. 

How has winning helped you in your dealings with your existing clients? 
To our clients, our staff is key as those individuals become part of the teams that service their business. Many have commented not just about the high caliber of recruits, but also about how well we develop, train and retain people. That leads not just to great project by project work, but also a greater amount of continuity on their business which adds value as it ensures that we build expertise on their brand.

How has winning helped you with your new business development activities? 
On the one hand, it directly impacts on new business as it sends a very strong signal to clients who have yet to work with us that we treat talent intake and development very seriously – happy individuals produce better work. On the other hand, it has helped us attract new talent across levels including at very senior level, which in turn allows us to engage with new clients contacts. 

Any tips for would-be entrants on crafting an award-winning entry? 
It’s perfectly okay to blow your own trumpet. Don’t be shy about shouting about the core values of your company and what sets it apart. Make sure it’s a collaborative effort and don’t just focus on the big initiatives. Sometimes it’s the small, seemingly everyday benefits that make a real difference to working in a company. 

Follow the links below to enter the 2013 MRS Awards. Deadline is 31 July.