NEWS19 December 2011

Italian TV ratings body fined €1.8m by anti-trust authority

Europe Legal

ITALY— Auditel, the joint industry committee for TV measurement in Italy, has been fined €1.8m by the country’s anti-trust authority for practices that favoured broadcasters Mediaset and RAI.

The case against the firm was triggered by a complaint from News Corporation’s Sky Italia, which challenged Auditel’s refusal to release daily ratings for single channels and its refusal to provide data for smaller channels, such as News Corporation-owned Cielo.

Sky claimed this put it at a disadvantage to Mediaset and RAI – both of which are shareholders in Auditel, whereas Sky is not. Sky said Auditel’s actions made it harder for the broadcaster to attract advertisers to its channels.

Auditel has defended its work and is planning to appeal the fine, according to Variety.