NEWS24 July 2013

‘It has acted as "proof of concept" for us’

GfK, the second of our Best Agency winners, says that award success has helped it show how bigger agencies are capable of being “challenging, stimulating and innovative environments”, says MD Richard Jameson.


Why did you decide to enter the 2012 awards?
We felt it was important for large agencies to be seen to support this MRS initiative, particularly as we believed they had previously been under-represented in winning the top awards. We wanted to demonstrate that a large agency like GfK can be smart, creative and innovative, and that we have the desire to try new approaches and invest in exciting R&D – something that the larger agencies are perhaps not always recognised for. We’d also had a great year where a number of key initiatives had come to fruition and we were feeling confident in the direction the business was going in.

How did it feel to win your category?
In a word, brilliant. It was especially good as it was the first time the award for Best Agency had been split into two categories based on turnover levels. There was – and continues to be – a great buzz around the company about winning the award. It was seen very much as a validation of the hard work that we all put into the agency and recognition that what we do is worth it – for our clients and for us.

What has winning meant for the team?
It has been a real confidence boost for everyone across the business. That GfK was selected by an independent judging panel including eminent industry figures and market research buyers adds to our credibility overall. It’s not only been very useful when talking to potential new clients, but also during the recruitment process where it really adds to the appeal of working here. We’re able to show that bigger agencies are capable of being challenging, stimulating and innovative environments to work in at any stage of your career.

How has winning helped you in your dealings with your existing clients?
We really see it as reinforcement that they’ve chosen the right agency as research partner. Internally we’ve always believed in the quality of work that we produce, but to have such an influential body as the MRS choosing us as Best Agency was also a real boost to our clients. It also helped our clients to justify their use of us to their stakeholders. 

How has winning helped you with your new business development activities?
References and credible approvals from other industry experts are always important when talking to potential clients. The Best Agency award has, in effect, acted as ‘proof of concept’ for us on a variety of occasions. It shows that we are not a faceless big agency but a place where the magic happens driven by the passionate, talented people who work here.

Any tips for would-be entrants on crafting an award-winning entry?
Our key message would be build a great business, focus on your clients and doing the best you can for them, and then describe it accurately and honestly.

Follow the links below to enter the 2013 MRS Awards. Deadline is 31 July.