NEWS4 May 2020

ISC-CX releases Covid-19 retail feedback tool

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GERMANY – Customer experience and strategy firm ISC-CX has launched a real-time feedback system for Covid-19.

shopper browsing shelves in supermarket while pushing trolley

Covid-19 Feedback will allow retailers to get reports from customers about whether social distancing measures were properly in place at shops or during deliveries.

The tool works by giving customers a QR code that links to a 60-second survey to be completed through their smartphone.

Questions include whether protective equipment was used by employees, whether hand sanitiser was available and whether social distancing measures, such as remaining two metres apart, were observed.

Customers can also report whether they were satisfied with the measures put in place by the company.

Reinhold Auer, managing director of ISC-CX, said: “Especially in these times, it is extremely important that customers and companies communicate and align themselves to maintain safety standards – and preferably in a ‘contactless’ way using their own smartphones.

“Retailers do not know for sure if their customers feel safe unless they ask them in real-time.”