NEWS8 August 2008

Ipsos unveils Facebook Poll Predictor

New tool to recruit younger members to I-Say online panel

US— Ipsos Interactive Services is hoping to attract younger members to its I-Say online panel through the launch of an application on social networking site Facebook.

The Poll Predictor challenges users to guess the percentage of people who responded ‘yes’ to questions such as ‘Do you make your bed in the morning?’ and ‘Do you believe in UFOs?’ when they were put to the company’s existing panellists.

Senior interactive media analyst Andres Burgos created the tool. He explained: “I wanted to create an interactive online game that encompasses elements of market research.

“This tool goes beyond just advertising on Facebook; Poll Predictor provides the opportunity to engage with I-Say and also has the potential to attract new members.”

Author: James Verrinder


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14 years ago

Does anyone else have problem/issues with Poll Predictor...?

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