NEWS1 March 2012

Ipsos sees ‘year of construction’ ahead

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FRANCE— Ipsos has posted a 19.5% increase in revenue and a 30% jump in net profit for 2011.

The company said that after “a year on the move” – during which it bought rival group Synovate – “2012 will be a year of construction”.

Sales for 2011 were €1.36bn, up from €1.14bn in 2010, while operating profit was up 34.1% to €160.2m. Net profit was €86.1m, up from €66.2m.

Market research activities dominated with revenues of €676.5m, followed by advertising research (€258.3m), customer satisfaction research (€168.3m), media research (€130.4m) and opinion and social research (€129.4m).

Europe, Africa and the Middle East saw a 17.1% increase in revenue to €587.5m while revenue in the Americas was up 12.6% to €575.7m. Asia Pacific was up 56.4% to €199.7m.

Looking ahead, Ipsos has budgeted for “limited but positive” organic growth of around 2% this year.


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9 years ago

Fantastic news! With all those extra profits, does this mean they can now afford to pay their suppliers without making them wait for four months? Or is that part of the reason why they're raking in so much money? I've happily sacked them as a client, and would advise anyone else to do the same.

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