NEWS14 December 2016

Ipsos mourns death of deputy CEO

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FRANCE – Carlos Harding, Ipsos deputy CEO, LT Participations Board Member and Ipsos Partners Shareholders, died on Friday 9 December 2016 in Paris.

Carlos Harding Photo_crop

He joined Ipsos in 1991, as international manager in charge of developing and strengthening the company’s international network. In 1993 he was given responsibility for Ipsos’ corporate development.

Harding (pictured) became chairman Ipsos in Latin America in 1998 and was a member of the Ipsos Management Board.

An engineering graduate of the University of Santiago in Chile, he started his career in the Ministry of Agriculture of Chile going on to join the Economic and Financial Bureau of the French Ministry of Transport in 1974.

He gained a PhD in Economics from Bielefeld University, Germany and in 1977 specialised in market research, first joining COREF and later CEGOS. By the end of 1978 he had joined Novaction and actively contributed to the company’s global development, in his position of technical director, in charge of Europe and America.

Didier Truchot, Ipsos Chairman & CEO said: “Carlos was a good and beautiful person. Respectful of others, competent and incredibly committed to the success of our company, he has been a formidable negotiator of hundreds of acquisitions, permitting Ipsos to become the great company that we know. We will not forget Carlos, the friend, colleague and partner who made us all better and Ipsos stronger.”

The thoughts of the management team and employees of Ipsos go to his family and close friends.