NEWS10 December 2018

Ipsos launches Chinese I-O mental mapping study

Asia Pacific Healthcare News

ASIA PACIFIC – Ipsos has started a new syndicated study, its Immuno-Oncology (I-O) mental mapping study using its EquityVision analytics tool.

The study will provide an in-depth view of the classes, products and companies active in the I-O space. It will show oncologists’ awareness of I-O products, their current and future use and their perceptions of manufacturers, access and affordability.

Subscribers to the study will be able to understand both the differentiation of their product and its likely future uptake. The study is currently running in three Tier I and eight Tier 2 cities in China and will be rolled out to other countries in 2019.

Pieter De Richter, head of Ipsos’ syndicated real world evidence portfolio in Asia Pacific, Middle East & North Africa said: "2018 marked the launch of two immune checkpoint inhibitors in China, with many more in the pipeline. How oncologists perceive and choose between these highly similar I-O brands is difficult to ascertain using traditional research methods.

"The new study will help us understand what is salient to physicians and how to put a brand story into its competitive context. It covers awareness and predicted use of other emerging I-O therapies that are on the horizon in China."