NEWS8 January 2013

Ipsos Healthcare’s Douglas joins P\S\L as strategy chief

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UK — Bob Douglas, formerly Ipsos Healthcare’s global head of custom research, has joined P\S\L Group as chief strategy officer.

Douglas was global head of healthcare for Synovate prior to its takeover by Ipsos in 2011, after which he took the top custom research job in the merged healthcare teams.

Prior to Synovate he was head of international research at TNS Healthcare and has worked clientside with Boehringer Ingelheim, Wellcome and Hoffmann-La Roche.

On joining P\S\L, Douglas said: “As a privately-held organisation, [P\S\L’s] commitment to long-term value creation is not compromised by the short-term requirements of public or private equity shareholders.”


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7 years ago

Good luck, and very best wishes Bob. Having worked for both private and public companies I recognise and endorse your heartfelt comment on the frustrations of having to focus on short term gains to satisfy shareholders ! On the other hand, private businesses can be too demanding of peoples time and do not always have a budget for NPD.

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