NEWS13 August 2013

Ipsos Healthcare rolls out ‘next gen’ EquityVision framework

Data analytics UK

UK — Ipsos Healthcare has announced the global launch of a research framework that links the major sources of commercial equity in the multi-channel healthcare marketing environment.

EquityVision is the “next generation” of Ipsos Healthcare’s BrandVision which combines Attitudinal Equity (AE) with barrier effects to provide estimated market share. 

The framework extends the AE concept to include brands, companies and sales representatives and then links these to enable clients to understand how they interact. 

The EquityVision portfolio currently comprises BrandVision and CorporateVision (brand AE, company AE and sales rep AE), with channel AE and message impact to follow later this year. 

Neil Martin, associate director of Ipsos Healthcare’s Advanced Analytics Group, said: “EquityVision addresses all three challenges currently facing our clients: connecting findings across key sources of commercial equity; taking account of the new world of multi-channel promotion and service; and understanding how to impact customer behaviours that underpin commercial performance.”