NEWS8 May 2015

Ipsos Healthcare launches syndicated services in MENA

Healthcare News UK

UK — The global healthcare division of Ipsos has launched a syndicated services offer in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.

Ipsos Healthcare’s syndicated services (research studies conducted and funded by a market research firm and available to multiple subscribers) will be offered to pharma and biotech companies seeking to understand patient treatment dynamics. 

The bedrock of the new syndicated offer is the availability of its Global Therapy Monitors which offers subscribers a detailed picture of their markets.

Ipsos’ Global Oncology Monitor has already launched in MENA in response to client demand, with the Diabetes Therapy Monitor to follow shortly. A range of other Therapy Monitors, already running elsewhere in the world, will be made available in MENA according to need. 

This division of Ipsos has also launched the EquityVision Normative Database. It consists of data covering over 15,800 records from 1,800 unique brands, across 36 markets and 130 distinct therapy areas. It looks at brand health in Rx markets in different geographies and indications.