NEWS25 October 2023

Ipsos acquires Behaviour & Attitudes in Ireland

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FRANCE – Ipsos has bought Irish opinion, social and market research agency Behaviour & Attitudes (B&A), merging the business with its operations in Ireland.

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Established in 1985, B&A works with clients in the public and private sectors, offering quantitative and qualitative consumer and business-to-business research.

Following the acquisition, Ipsos in Ireland and B&A have merged as one organisation – called Ipsos B&A – with immediate effect. The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

B&A’s online consumer panel in Ireland has around 40,000 members.

Ipsos has appointed Damian Loscher, previously managing director of Ipsos in Ireland, as president of Ipsos B&A, while Luke Reaper, formerly managing director at B&A, takes on the role of chief executive of Ipsos B&A.

The two will work together on the vision and strategic direction, with Reaper responsible for the day-to-day running of the business.

Reaper has been with B&A since 2008 and has been managing director for the past six years, leading the business since a management buyout.

Founded in 1985, B&A is headquartered in Dublin and employs around 70 staff, working with Irish and international clients.

Chief executive Ben Page said: “I am delighted to bring these two powerhouses of research in the Irish market together. Ipsos has been operating in Ireland for nearly 20 years and this acquisition demonstrates the attractiveness of the Irish market and its growth potential.”

The deal bolsters Ipsos’ Public Affairs business, with the two businesses operating in similar spaces in public and healthcare research, in addition to brand positioning and customer experience.

Luke Reaper, chief executive, Ipsos B&A, said: “B&A’s principles and research ethos clearly chime with those of Ipsos. The vision of the combined business is to deliver the highest quality of research and insight at a scale unparalleled in the Irish market. Clients will benefit from expanded operational resources and infrastructure, as well as leading analysis capabilities.”

Damian Loscher, president, Ipsos B&A, added: “The combination of skilled researchers who share common values, B&A’s consumer panel and Ipsos’ range of digital techniques brings a new and distinctive offer to our clients in Ireland.”