NEWS16 January 2012

iPinion unveils mobile behaviour tracking app

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US— Mobile survey software developer iPinion has launched an app that tracks people’s usage of mobile devices.

The new tool, which is compatible with the Apple, Android and Blackberry systems, passively tracks up to 24 different data points from panel members’ devices, which the firm says will allow for deeper understanding of consumer behaviour.

Data that can be collected from mobile users who install the app includes website visits, bookmarks, music played, apps downloaded, text and call volumes and camera usage, allowing researchers to target respondents using real-time behavioural data.

Pala Kuppusamy, founder and CEO of iPinion, said: “The social-local-mobile phenomenon is very important for our industry in gaining in-the-moment, contextual and relevant feedback from consumers… Marketers and researchers can greatly benefit from the feature of automatically triggering a survey based on a pattern of consumer behaviour in real time.”


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12 years ago

Two key questions in my mind are: (1) who are the people who are opting to install this tracking software on their mobile device(s) - are they representative of the population? Likely not. And (2) how "real" their behaviors are going to be? People will act differently when they know that they are being watched. It is human nature. That said, it is a better solution for behavior tracking than other similar initiatives that track behaviors on desktop or personal computers. There is much greater probability that the same person will always use their mobile device v. a PC which is typically used by more than one person in a household.

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