NEWS18 November 2010

Invites go out for Twitter analytics beta – report

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US— Twitter’s analytics dashboard was promised for the fourth quarter – and it has arrived, according to tech news site Mashable.

It reports that select users are already being invited to test the product, which presents “a plethora of data about [a user’s] account; for example, information about which tweets are most successful, which tweets caused people to unfollow, and who the most influential users are that reply and retweet their messages”.

The full story plus screenshots can be found here. Research previously reported on the analytics product here.


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14 years ago

Informative post. I really think this is the functionality we've long been waiting for from Twitter. For too long, people have had to try to cobble together a measurement approach using a number of different tools, all of which had their flaws. By providing this integrated with Twitter and for free, Twitter is giving the people what they need. My biggest question is what happens to the existing Twitter tools? How many of them will be put out of business by this change? Cheers, C Data Driven Marketing

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