NEWS21 December 2011

Invision adds Nielsen’s online campain ratings to TV planning tool

North America Technology

US— Advertising technology firm Invision has struck a partnership with Nielsen to incorporate the latter’s online campaign ratings into its advertising planning and sales platforms.

Invision will use the data, which provides an equivalent of gross ratings points (GRP) for online web advertising campaigns, in its DealMaker Stewardship product to allow media companies to offer web ad space as make-goods for TV campaigns that fail to reach their audience guarantees.

Nielsen’s online campaign ratings work by tagging ads to count how many times they are viewed, and combining this data with aggregated demographic information about the users who have been shown them, obtained through partnerships with online publishers including Facebook.

The resulting data can be combined with information from Nielsen’s TV and online panels to provide a complete picture of who saw an ad in terms of reach, frequency and GRPs.

Pictured is Invision CEO Lynda Clarizio.


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12 years ago

So the impact and effectiveness of an unencumbered TV ad displayed on my 65" HD plasma is the same as an ad on a cluttered web page displayed on my 4" phone? Why is it that the "media game" has nothing to do with the art of persuasion? Note to advertisers - ask Invision, Nielsen, the broadcast media trying to sell this, or even the media people at your ad agency, exactly how "aggregated demographic information"...."obtained through partnerships"....."can be combined with provide a complete picture of who saw an ad". Magic. Accurate? I wonder......

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