NEWS23 February 2012

International neuromarketing association is born

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NETHERLANDS— Some of the leading lights of neuromarketing have formed a new international association aiming to provide support to neuromarketers around the world.

The Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (NSBA) has appointed 23 local representatives to serve in member countries, including Ipsos’s Elissa Moses (formerly of EmSense) in the US, BVA’s Etienne Bressoud in France and Decode’s Phil Barden in the UK.

Other countries represented include Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Japan, Poland, Spain and Turkey.

Academics including Fabio Babiloni from the University of Rome, Rafa? Ohme, formerly of Stanford University, and Richard Silberstein formerly of Swinburne University join Neurosense MD Gemma Calvert on the association’s board.

The NSBA said its goals include the development and implementation of international neuromarketing guidelines, getting the discipline recognised as an occupational group with related ethics and standards, promoting the value of neuromarketing and sharing knowledge, insight and research among members.


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10 years ago

I encourage everyone who is interested in neuro/biometrics to join thew NMSBA! The quality of their recent conference was among the best I've ever attended and the mission of the organization is one of collaboration and shared learning. For more info visit: or contact me

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