NEWS3 April 2012

Institute on Asian Consumer Insight launches

Asia Pacific Features

SINGAPORE— The Institute on Asian Consumer Insight has launched with the aim of becoming the ‘go-to’ centre for businesses looking to improve their performance in Asia markets.

Funded by the Singapore Economic Development Board and Nanyang Technological University, the ACI will help companies develop strategies for Asia through research, education programmes and industry collaborations.

The organisation has been funded to the tune of $77m for the next five years.

Companies who have already signed up to collaborate with the new institute on various projects and initiatives include Unilever, ADK, Kraft Foods, Research in Motion, and Nielsen.

Unilever’s VP for consumer and market insight BV Pradeep said: “Unilever is delighted to support ACI. We need thought leadership and insights about Asian consumers that we can use for marketing and product innovations.”


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9 years ago

Will be amazing if a government funded body in Singapore could deliver "leadership and insights". Their abilities as management strategist and operational management operating outside of their own economy have not been encouraging. History has been a never ending saga of bad decisions and cultural disasters. Maybe it is Singapore companies that need this resource?

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