NEWS12 February 2016

InSkin Media and Moat partner on measuring non-standard viewability

Media News UK

UK — Ad technology company InSkin Media and analytics firm Moat have formed a partnership to address measuring viewability of non-standard ad formats such as skins and wallpapers. 

The partnership means that reporting on campaigns run by InSkin will include viewability rates and in-view time. This covers all ad formats across desktop, smartphone and tablet and will be benchmarked against Moat’s database of impressions. 

“In a complex online advertising environment, validating ad exposure is a crucial stepping stone on a brand advertiser’s path to proving ad engagement and effectiveness," said Steve Doyle, InSkin Media’s chief commercial officer.  "Our partnership with Moat will help advertisers to achieve that.”

The partnership will roll out internationally from February 2016, starting in the UK and Germany.