NEWS12 June 2009

InSites Consulting to examine digital media marketing challenges

Europe Trends

BELGIUM— Research agency InSites Consulting has teamed up with IAB Europe to create a report into 17 challenges facing digital media marketers.

The report, MC DC – “Marketers & Consumers, Digital & Connected”, will be published in September and is based on survey responses from 16 European countries.

Data will be collected during June and July through an online survey of 32,000 internet users and a bulletin board involving 200 European digital consumers.

Gianni Cooreman, director of digital media at InSites Consulting, said: “It is a fact that consumers live and interact with other people and brands in the virtual world and marketers are often guessing the answers to vital questions. How can I use social networks to reinforce my brand? How can consumers co-create via digital channels? How can I have my brand approved to enter consumers’ virtual world? How do I integrate mobile and location-based services in my marketing mix? In order to answer these questions, we are launching MC DC.”