NEWS14 September 2012

Insight-Narrator tells a better story

People UK

UK— Former Royal Mail and Ipsos researcher Caroline Florence has launched her own independent consultancy, Insight-Narrator, which aims to help clients “tell the story” hidden in research findings.

Florence (pictured) served as head of insight for business products at the Post Office and head of market and competitor intelligence at Royal Mail in the UK before moving to Australia as head of client services with Synovate. She returned to the UK earlier this year and had a spell as a senior director at Ipsos Loyalty.

She told Research that she had been thinking of going solo “for some time” after noticing a gap in the market for what she calls “insight communication” – delivering the message within research findings in a business-savvy manner.

Florence said: “There are a lot of fantastic insights created by our industry that are wasted because they do not cut through to decision makers and teams that influence business performance. Commercial storytelling is all about keeping sight of the commercial imperative in order to deliver tangible results and improve the return on insight investment”.

Through Insight-Narrator, Florence will offer training to agencies in order to help staff “unlock” the message within research findings. She said that there is a “general awareness” among research agencies that their communications skills need to improve.