NEWS9 March 2015

In-home connectivity remains low priority

News UK

UK — Being able to connect with other devices in the home remains a fairly low priority for consumers according to a YouGov report into connectivity.


About three in five consumers ( 57%) said they had yet to take part in any connectivity or media sharing activity with 42% giving their reason as a lack of interest according to YouGov’s Device Connectivity 2015 report.

Of those consumers who have connected devices or shared content across devices they are most likely to connect their smartphone, laptop and tablet to items such as a printer ( 40%), television ( 37%) and digital camera ( 29%).

The most common activity among this group of ‘device connectors/content sharers’ is using their TV set to view photos taken or stored on their mobile device ( 37%) and to browse the internet ( 26%).

Tom Rees, associate director, YouGov Reports said: “In-home device connectivity has yet to be embraced by the majority, with many people unaware of how to connect devices and share content or unclear of the benefits. However, what we see is a potential desire for greater knowledge and experience in the area of ‘online TV content’, browsing the web on a television, and streaming content there from tablets, smartphones and the like. As smart TV prices continue to drop, emphasising these capabilities may be the key in convincing some people to buy.”   

The report found that consumers are potentially interested in using their TVs to view pictures from their camera and mobile devices ( 31% and 29% respectively), to browse the internet ( 22%) and to stream TV programmes/films from their smartphone/laptop/tablet ( 22%).