NEWS13 November 2012

Industry veterans create Gen2 Advisors consultancy

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US — A new market research consultancy, Gen2 Advisors, has been launched by industry veterans Leonard Murphy, Gregg Archibald, Jason Anderson, Bill Weylock and David Bernstein.

The company says its consultancy services will help marketers and insights professionals understand how marketing is changing. Gen2 Advisors will publish reports on specific topics relevant to insights and offer regular consulting engagements to clients.

It has joined with GreenBook to publish these reports eight times a year, each on a specific technology and marketing subject. Content will be available only to “Charter Members”. The first report will come out on 8 January. Its focus will be on social media analytics, providing practical advice on topics such as social media monitoring methodologies for marketing strategy, communications, new product development and customer experience.

Leonard Murphy, Gen2 Advisors’ senior partner (pictured), said: “With the increasing amount of touchpoints such as Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, customer ratings, smartphones, gaming and so on, the days of simply conducting a phone survey to learn what consumers thought about your brand are forever changed. We believe that with this change comes a proliferation of technologies that can be employed to help with the job of understanding consumers. The rate of change has left many marketers and insights professionals trying to figure out the scope of the technology, how to apply it and what it takes to successfully manage the insights function. That’s where Gen2 Advisors come in.”