NEWS17 May 2016

InCrowd releases automated life sciences tracking tool

Healthcare Innovations News North America

US — InCrowd has released a new automated tool that assesses and monitors healthcare prescribers and consumers longitudinally. 

The InCrowd MicroTracker uses automated sampling, data integration and visualisation technologies to streamline life science tracking studies. 

Users can automatically repeat the fielding of a tracker survey, exclude previous respondents for a given number of waves, aggregate responses, provide visual comparison of waves and filter results based on respondent groups or crowds. 

"Research automation is finally here for that most painfully repetitive, yet highly important market insights effort, the tracking study," said Janet Kosloff, CEO and co-founder of InCrowd.

"Our MicroTracker provides a better way to track the key metrics that matter and free staff for more important analysis and summary work that delivers greater business impact."