NEWS8 February 2016

InCrowd 2015 sales up 70%

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US – Life sciences and healthcare insight company InCrowd saw sales increase more than 70% in 2015, with strong growth across all segments of its ‘Answers as a Service’ business.


Revenue from large, multi-brand clients grew 97%, while revenue from global pharmaceutical clients increased 90%.

These results follow three successive years of about 100% revenue growth as clients have responded well to its mobile microsurvey sales approach – where clients can buy blocks of answers rather than projects.

The company has a database of 1.8 million physicians, nurses, managed care providers and pharmacists.

Janet Kosloff, CEO and co-founder of InCrowd, said: “The changing reimbursement landscape and heightened competition are forcing the life science and healthcare sector to seek new avenues for efficiency.We're doing more than streamlining internal processes. We are speeding the insights that are essential to moving much-needed treatments to market, and redefining the vendor-client partnership via new technology."